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Transform Your Home with Floral Wallpaper this Spring

Nothing freshens up your home quite like floral wallpaper – and there’s no time like spring to jump-start a transformation. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or create a soothing environment, floral wallpaper can be the perfect piece to freshen up a space or to bring the outside in.

This spring, why not brighten up your home by transforming any wall into a vibrant and stunning floral oasis! You don’t need to be an experienced decorator to bring this look to life. With the right wallpaper, a few simple steps and a little patience, you will be able to transform your home into a blooming paradise!

Benefits of Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper isn’t just a passing aesthetic trend – it is a classic and well loved way to add beauty, personality and a bit of the natural world inside your home. But there are so many other benefits to wallpaper which might make you want to get out your roller and start papering the house!

  1. Easy to install: Wallpaper is much easier to install than painting a wall, saving you time and money. Here’s some helpful tips on planning your wallpaper hanging.
  2. An instant wall facelift! Having wallpaper can providing an instant facelift to any walls which are not perfectly smooth or straight.
  3. Durability: With proper care, wallpaper can last much longer than a painted wall, making it a more durable option. The key is proper preparation, so if you want to get some tips on preparing you walls for wallpaper then we’ve written a helpful article here!
  4. Economical and sustainable: Wallpaper is generally more affordable than other wall coverings, making it a cost-effective option. Plus as it’s generally made of biodegradable paper based materials and the glue is natural starch based and water soluble, it’s generally a very sustainable option for decorating. It is also like a mini layer of insulation on the walls, so it can save energy and reduce noise too.
  5. Low maintenance: Wallpaper is easy to clean and maintain, requiring only minimal effort to keep it looking great. As long as your interior is dry and clean, and the wall is prepared properly before installation, then you should get many years of beautiful walls with very little effort!

Choosing the Perfect Floral Wallpaper

When choosing a floral wallpaper for a room, consider the current décor in the room as well as the aspect and lighting which greatly effects the space and whether you should chose large scale prints or smaller subtler designs. You want to choose a wallpaper design that will not only compliment but enhance the space and you can do this by either creating more light and space or playing on the cosy and warm feeling of a room to make it even more so!

Wallpaper - Transform Your Home with Floral Wallpaper this Spring
Sakura Skull Wallpaper

Ask yourself, what kind of energy and feel would you like to inject into the room? A calming color palette can help to relax the room, while a bright, vibrant one can be more energetic. Dark colours can create a luxurious and richly sumptuous interior. So think if this suits the atmosphere and aesthetics that you are trying to create in that space and how the room is used in different times of the day.

A well-designed floral wallpaper should feature floral blooms that are detailed and captivating, with a pleasing arrangement and depth of color. Check that the pattern repeats interestingly and consistently, and with a complex or considered layout, as this will help to create a seamless look without obvious repetition.

Looking to create a completely unique and bespoke feel with floral wallpaper? Maybe try one of our wallpaper murals, which are custom made to your space. Unlike traditional pattered wallpaper, it is one large image which creates a unique botanical feature wall and can be a real wow factor and conversation starter for any room!

Wallpaper - Transform Your Home with Floral Wallpaper this Spring
Protea Bouquet Wallpaper Mural in a Living Room

Preparing the Wall Before Installation

Getting a perfect finish on a beautiful feature wallpaper can be down to the time you spend preparing the wall before you start hanging the actual wallpaper. Here are a few tips on how to prepare a wall for wallpapering in order to get that perfect finish!

Installation Tips

DIY wallpapering may seem a little daunting, but it’s actually a relatively easy job to do, so to help we’ve written an article to help you. Click here to read that now!

Creating a floral oasis in your home this spring doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following a few simple steps and having a little patience, you’ll be able to transform any space into the vibrant paradise of your dreams!


So, are you now inspired to transform your home with the beauty of floral wallpaper this spring? Whether you’re partial to traditional florals, bold and bright colors, or dark and sumptuous interiors, there’s a wallpaper that will fit your style. Not only is floral wallpaper an easy way to freshen up any room with the beauty of nature, but it can also help to save energy, reduce noise, and create interesting focal points in your home. Add some blooms to your walls and create a springtime blossoming inside your home!

Now that you plan to transform your home this spring with wallpaper, it’s time to choose your perfect design! Maybe start by ordering some wallpaper samples so you can test them in-situ and see how the light in your room compliments the design.

Share a picture of your beautiful new wall on social media using the hashtag #mimiandbloom and mention @mimiandbloom to show us your beautiful botanical interior space!

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