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Planning your wallpaper hanging for a perfect finish!

So you’ve got your wallpaper rolls ready and you’ve prepped your wall surface (as per our handy guide here!) but hold fire for a minute before you start slapping on that wallpaper paste! If you take your time to prepare your wallpaper hanging carefully it could save the heartbreak of a wonky, mismatched or miscalculated wallpaper experience and mean the difference between a stunningly finished botanical feature wall or a DIY fail!

Here are a few tips for planning your installation, which really is very easy once you have that plan in place and everything prepared in advance. You know the old saying “to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail”. Well, wallpaper is no exception.

Before you even touch the wallpaper paste, it’s important to plan you installation so that you are prepared for the process and make sure that the lines are straight and the wallpaper looks it’s best!

Tips on planning your wallpaper hanging

protea flower wallpaper

Few walls are truly square or perfectly vertical… especially if you are lucky enough to live in an older house with those beautiful original features. Newer builds are more likely to have plumb lines, but those beautiful Victorian or Edwardian rooms with high ceilings or quaint cottages with higgeldy-piggeldy beams will often be surprisingly ‘wonky’.

The first “drop” of wallpaper is key as all others will align to it, so it is important to ensure it is “plumb” otherwise your wallpaper could look wonky.

Therefore, when hanging wallpaper it’s best not to line up with the edge of the wall as this can start from a relatively imperceptible angle which increases as you move along and creating a skewed effect.

Instead create a ‘plumb’ line in the center or the wall and work from left and right from that and then you can trim and skewed edges at the end to hide any imperfections.

For those new to such things, a plumb line is created with a plumb, a long string/line with a small weight attached to the end, which very simply can be hung and with natural gravity will determine the true and straight vertical line on an upright surface or wall. These are readily available from any hardware or DIY store, but you can always make one using string and a small weight, or alternatively if you prefer you can also use a spirit level or laser level to do the same job.


  • A plumb line should be a perfectly vertical straight line, from which you will hang the first “drop” of wallpaper against and ensure it is hangs straight down.
  • Starting at the top-left hand corner of the wall you are about to decorate, measure the width of your wallpaper roll (usually 62cm for our standard rolls) and make a pencil mark to give you your starting point.
  • Hang or hold your plumb (or spirit/laser level) with this pencil mark as the guide, then draw a vertical pencil line from ceiling to floor.
  • It’s probably best to have some help with this step so that one person can hold the plumb while the other marks at various intervals down the wall and then using a large ruler or flat edge to make a clean vertical line by connecting these marks from ceiling to floor.

Step 2: Hang your first drop, using this line as a guide.

  • Now you can start hanging the first wallpaper drop to the right side of this line, lining up the left edge of it to the plumb line.
  • You will then use this drop as a guide for all the remaining ones.

Step 3: Hang remaining drops to the RIGHT.

  • Once the first drop is hung, then move onto the the next drop to the right of this one, making sure the pattern repeat or image is matching across the edge so the design continues seamlessly all the way to the far right hand edge of the wall.

Step 3: Hang the final LEFT drop last.

  • Once all other drops are hung, finally hang the far left hand panel, lining the right hand edge of this drop with the left of the plumb line and the right hand edge of the first drop you hung.
  • Trim any edges with a sharp knife and a metal ruler to get a clean, neat edge

So there you have your perfectly installed wallpaper feature wall and it looks as stunning as you hoped! I hope that you found this guide helpful in giving you some tips on hanging your own wallpaper and that you will be now confident enough to wallpaper every room!

By the way, if you need to download a printable pdf guide to hanging Mimi&Bloom wallpaper, just click below to grab your handy guide!

If you need any help with your wallpaper installation or on calculating your roll requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch as I’m happy to help!

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