- Sustainability & Ethics

we plant trees for every order!

Mimi&Bloom is all about embracing and celebrating the beauty of nature and so we are truly passionate about creating quality, timeless and lasting products which meet a high standard of ethics and sustainability and tread lightly on the planet.

That is why all products are manufactured here in the UK, supporting local British manufacturers who specialise in small scale, high quality products. This also reduces the carbon footprint of each item and means that each item we create is a piece of decorative art to treasure and enjoy!

- Sustainability & Ethics

nature inspired,

earth friendly

We carefully choose the best high quality, natural or sustainable materials for our products, to not only ensure their consiously low impact in nature, but to are high quality to ensure that the products last and don’t contribute to the fast fashion, throw-away culture which we seek to offer an alternative to.

We use environmentally friendly digital printing methods with water based inks, which is known to be one of the cleanest and most eco-friendly methods of printing, minimising waste and tchemical he use of chemicals in the production process.

Our aim is creating long-lasting quality items which buck against low quality, mass manufacturing and supports local, independent manufacturers with high welfare for their employees. This approach underlies the values of our brand and everything we do, striving to create beauty and joy in everything we do!

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Tree Planting & Carbon Offsetting

This business supports tree planting and carbon offsetting initiatives in order to further improve the environmental impact of our business. This includes a commitment to planting trees, landscape regeneration and conservation, as well as contributing to projects which are designed to directly offset carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint as a society.

If you would like to personally contribute to our sustainability goals, you can gift additional trees or carbon offsets via our Ecologi (formerly Offset Earth) profile page.