Q. How do I know how much wallpaper to order?

Our Wallpaper is supplied in several sizes :

Single Drop Panel : 62 cm wide x 250 cm high

Double Drop Panel : 62 cm wide x 500 cm high

Full roll: 62 cm wide x 1000 cm long

If you have a standard ceiling height, usually around 220-240cm (86″-94″), then you may find the 250cm drops a very convenient and simple way to install the wallpaper, as you then only need to measure your wall width and divide this by 62cm to find out how many rolls you will need. Only minimum trimming will then be required.

If you have a more unconventional ceiling height or a non-square or unusual space to paper, then you may prefer the 5 or 10 meter rolls, as this give you more flexibility to trim the paper to the length as required. Calculating your requirements for the longer rolls is a little more complex, but if you need any help then just get in touch and we’re happy to help you with your calculations!

If you have any questions about roll requirements or wallpaper options, then just use our free calculating service and we are happy to do the calculations for you!

Q. What is the best way to measure my space?

Here is our guide to measuring your space. You will need a tape measure or laser measure

If the wall is straight then this measurement should be fine. If it is an older building however, it is very common for walls to not be completely square or plumb, so therefore it is best to take a measurement at the bottom and the top and use the largest of the two.

Measure this in 3 places – the left corner, the middle and the right corner. Do not add in skirting unless you plan to remove it. Add 5-10 cm allowance for trimming off.

An example of wall calculation :

Height = 240 cm + 10 cm allowance = 250 cm

Width = 250 cm + 10 cm allowance = 260 cm

Make sure the height fits, then add any extra height to allow for pattern matching (see next question for more details on this).

Then take the width and divide it by 62cm

eg. 260 cm / 62 cm = 5  Single 250cm Panels (50cm will be trimmed of the right edge)

Width Of WallSingle Panels
50 cm1
100 cm2
150 cm3
200 cm4
250 cm5
300 cm5
350 cm6
400 cm7
450 cm8
500 cm9
550 cm10
600 cm10

Q. How do I calculate pattern matching?

If you choose the single 250cm drops of wallpaper, then no pattern matching calculation is required, as each panel is a straight match so will line up evenly along the width as long as the paper is hung correctly.

For the full 5m or 10m rolls, you will need to make sure that you trim each section correctly to minimise waste and so that the full seamless pattern matches on each drop.

Therefore, on each wallpaper design, we have included the pattern match measurement, so that you can then calculate this for each drop accurately.

To do so, just take your ceiling height and divide it by the pattern match measurement. You need then need to round that number up to a number that is evenly divisible by the pattern match.

e.g. Ceiling height: 250cm / Pattern match: 62cm

245 / 62 = 3.95

Round this number up by going to the nearest full number (3.95 rounded up = 4)
The calculate 4 x 62 = 248cm.

Now if you trim each drop to 248cm, then this will mean that each drop will perfectly match and line up.

If you are unsure about any of this, I’d recommend using a professional decorator as they will be able to work all this out for you and give you the most professional finish possible too!

q. How do I install my wallpaper?

Click here to see our comprehensive guide to the installation of your wallpaper.

Please note: Using a professional decorator will always give you the most professional finish and ensure your wallpaper lasts for as long as possible.

Surface preparation

Wallpaper paste

For best results use Polycell, Solvite Extra Strong or Murabond wallpaper pastes and follow the instructions on the pack.

Hanging your wallpaper: