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For the love of drawing!

hand drawing

Every design I make usually starts with a simple drawing! Drawing is definitely my go to creative pursuit, and in my experience, it’s the simplest creative outlets that are sometimes the best!

I am a massive art supply junky, just love perusing the art shop and getting lost in the dazzling rows of pigments, brushes and curious tools.

However, when it comes down to it, pencil and paper is always my go to. The immediacy and accessibility of the medium cannot be beaten.

I love the way that in a drawing you cannot hide the character of your touch. Every drawing is a type of gesticulation, whether crude, sketchy, detailed, precise, scribbling, doodling or laid out in a mathematical grid, it can never be anything other than what it is.

The touch may be intense, playful, free flowing or timidly laid down, and however it is, that’s how it reads, so it’s a direct window into the mark making, which is why i think it is the most authentic of mediums!

with love + blooms