Planning your wallpaper hanging for a perfect finish!

Wallpaper - Planning your wallpaper hanging for a perfect finish!

So you’ve got your wallpaper rolls ready and you’ve prepped your wall surface (as per our handy guide here!) but hold fire for a minute before you start slapping on that wallpaper paste! If you take your time to prepare your wallpaper hanging carefully it could save the heartbreak of a wonky, mismatched or miscalculated […]

Children’s Nursery Wallpaper

wonderland nursery wallpaper

We’ve recently added a new collection of children’s nursery wallpaper and art prints to our range of products. These new designs feature a unique and magical range of illustrations including our Alice in Wonderland collection, a series of artwork inspired by Lewis Carrol’s classic childhood tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Children’s & Nursery wallpaper Our […]

Fennec Fox Phone Wallpaper

Wallpaper - Fennec Fox Phone Wallpaper

Everyone loves a freebie, so I wanted to share this with all my lovely customers and followers to say thanks for their support! I’ve created this custom made Mimi&Bloom original illustration phone wallpaper which I’m giving away for free as a gift! This delicate and detailed hand drawn illustration is the design featured in my […]

How to prepare a wall for wallpaper

Wallpaper - How to prepare a wall for wallpaper

When we fall in love with a special wallpaper, of course you want it to look perfect on the wall, with no distractions on the design details you love. Actually, getting a good finish on a beautiful feature wallpaper can be down to the time you spend preparing the wall before you start hanging the […]