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Welcome to our world of flowers, where nature inspired beauty meets the artistry of illustration and design. Transform any space into a lush botanical haven with Mimi&Bloom’s collection of botanical wallpaper. Embrace the beauty of nature-inspired design and infuse your home with organic elegance. From lush greenery to exotic blooms inspired by native flora, our wallpapers bring the captivating beauty of the natural world to your walls.

Whether you’re drawn to a contemporary look, a maximalist vibe or a vintage, romantic feel, Mimi&Bloom offers designs that cater to your preferences. Create a captivating feature wall or envelop your entire space in the charm of our botanical designs. With Mimi&Bloom, your walls will come alive with the vibrant energy of nature’s beauty.



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Wallpaper Murals

custom murals

Create a botanical feature wall, custom made wallpaper for your space!
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Wall Art


Shop our botanical wall art, art prints and framed nature-inspired artworks.
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fill your world with flowers!


Sustainable, high quality and ethically made products, made in Britain with original, hand drawn designs. Mimi&Bloom wallpaper is made from the highest quality, heavyweight and long-lasting wallpaper and printed using Eco-friendly printing techniques.  Create a beautiful botanical interior feature with our wallpaper or co-coordinating art prints and wall art!

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nature inspired

& sustainably made

Mimi&Bloom is passionate about the importance of both style and sustainability. That’s why our wallpapers are crafted with eco-friendly materials, making them a both a beautiful and sustainable choice for your home.

Printed using solvent-free, water-based inks on a high-grade, eco-friendly non-woven wallpaper base, our wallpapers ensure vibrant image reproduction while retaining the hand-drawn and painted feel of the illustrations.

We proudly only use small scale, British manufacturers who specialise in each method & material, including digital wallpaper manufacturing, which is one of the most eco-friendly, low waste and low polluting production methods.

easy to hang

guaranteed to last!

Don’t be daunted by the idea of installing your new wallpaper! With our paste-the-wall wallpaper, installation is easy-peasy and you can transform a room in just an hour or two!

No more wrestling with soggy lengths of wallpaper. Simply apply the paste directly to the wall with a roller and then watch your space transform effortlessly. This method not only saves you time and energy but means that the paper can be removed easier in the future if you ever wanted to give your wall a new look!

Our premium wallpaper paper has a thick and opaque finish, with an excellent print quality which has a 10-year guarantee for colour fastness when the paper is kept in an optimal position, away from direct sunlight. It also has strong durability and is resistant to marks, scratches and abrasions, so is perfect for busy homes!

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Non-Toxic, low odour

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We all want a beautiful and healthy home which is why our wallpapers are guaranteed and certified as solvent free and low odour.

Whereas some traditional wallpapers can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to both your health and the environment, our paste-the-wall wallpapers are sustainably made in the UK, using only water-based inks which offer a more sustainable alternative to mass-manufactured wallpapers.

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mimi&bloom plants trees for every order!

Not only are our products sustainably made, but we also directly support global woodland & forest regeneration, conservation & tree planting initiatives. A portion of the proceeds from each & every order goes directly to planting trees & offsetting our business carbon emmissions. Learn more.